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Thread: Ipbfree Shut Down Due To Terrorism

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    Just wondering what you guys think of the IPBFree site being shut down for having ties and relations to extremist groups and terrorists? It appears there were a lot of information on IPBFree being transfered by terrorist organizations including links and hit lists.

    So far the RIAA and MPAA have been mum on the subject, and the hosting provider and site owners only tell as much it being a legal issue. That only leaves the government with enough power to order a shut down like this to happen, and the only way they'd do that is if it had terroristic ties and was a threat to homeland security.


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    Really? Good thing I moved my forum back to Zetaboards. I started my forum on Zeta and then closed it to move to IPBfree then the weekly downtime and scam ads where too much of a pain to deal with so I moved back to my old forum. But that is a shocker to me to hear about terroristic ties using IPBfree.

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    Wow! Thanks for sharing from where do you know this ? Whats your source ? Anyway I belief it. So thats the reason they are shut down, the staff did try hard to keep it quite. I think not many know then the real reason you just stated. Why on earth would IPBfree team do such things, they have ended by there own actions. How many forums didn't die with them when the where shut down ? Shocking.

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    omg i had no idea it was cause of terrorists

    my friends forum was lost when ipbfree was shut down
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