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    Who here knows Javascript? I don't myself.

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    I would love to learn JavaScript but never have time.

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    I know quite a bit of it . Its interesting , you can develop many small widgets with it .

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    I don't really know Javascript, I've been reading up on it earlier, and It seems a bit confusing, so I don't know it. Yet.

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    I despise JavaScript with a passion. Every bit i've ever seen of it is related to math of some sort or another. I've never been a huge fan of Math (haven't gotten anything but a D for the past two courses i've taken). Other than that, I don't find it immensely useful. Almost everything you can do with it can be done in other code.

    Overall, not something I know too well and not something I really care to learn any time soon.

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    It's not really related to math at all? There is the sense that you need to have a logical mind, but that's the same with all types of coding. On that note I'm a web freelancer so what would I do if I didn't know JavaScript .

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