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    Do you judge members on reputation or how they act on your forum?

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    Both if someone as been a clown on another site they get a clean slate on our site but we keep a watchfull eye untill we thinks they can be trusted, and if someone has a good reputation I expect them to keep it up and dont act like prats.

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    Personally I don't ban them straight away and be too judgemental in that way but chances are I won't make them staff should they apply.

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    Well, what would happen if we all decided to smite someone just like that? There's got to be more things to judge than on that.

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    Both as to me how a person acts on a forum is how they build a rep with me

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    I try not to, but I give everyone a chance.

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    I don't judge members on green blocks if that's what you mean, but I definitely judge on how they act on the site. They respect the site, I respect them.

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    I judge my members by how they act on MY site.

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    No I don't judge totally on reputation because there is many members on my site who is always asking for reputation from other members on every post or on everything they do on the forum. They obviously have more reputation than other, thats for sure but there is also other valuable members who works hard for the community but have less rep.

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