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Thread: Lack of a say

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    If you're a member and you don't get much of a say over changes, does it disillusion you at all?

    From my point of view, it's nice to be able to express your opinions before changes are made, but it doesn't/wouldn't affect my activity levels.

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    Wouldn't hurt to ask the members about pending changes.....make them feel more a part of the community....

    Plus some members may have some super good ideas......

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    I'm quite lucky to be an active member on many forums I am on. I usually speak for the many hundreds of members who feel intimidated by a power hungry moderating team. Even if I get the hit, at least those 100 members will be heard. Usually newer members are scared the moderating team are ban and infraction happy, on active forums. Its a sad thing and many don't actually get a say.

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