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Thread: The largest?

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    The largest?

    What is the biggest that your forum and or website has ever gotten?

    I have gotten a board that got up to 8,000+ posts within the first few months of being open.

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    Re: The largest?

    FA had over 2,500 members and 200,000 posts.

    My current forum has almost 700 members and 130,000 posts. I plan to beat FA's stats in less time than it took FA to get to where it was. :biggrin: A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Re: The largest?

    So.. you dont have any experience with large forums is what you are saying. A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Re: The largest?

    If that happens then yeah. :P A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Re: The largest?

    Some of my Old Sites were closed because I don't know.

    Though we had gotten up to 750,000 - 800,000 posts, with about 7,000-9,500 members.

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    Re: The largest?

    Yeah, I know.

    People started to get annoying and continued to ask for staff. So it went down because, I was tired of all of them.

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    Re: The largest?

    My biggest is still Advertise Hotspot

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    Re: The largest?

    My biggest forum has actually been this one, Chatting Time. 97 members and 8000 posts. I've never had a forum open this long before. Quite pleased with myself, really.

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    Re: The largest?

    The biggest forum I ever owned and ran had 511 topics, 4,559 posts and 77 members. I don't wish to reveal the name as it was for a private company.

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    Re: The largest?

    My current forum is the largest forum I've had which is also the first I've actually tried to manage.

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