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Thread: Largest Coding Project?

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    Largest Coding Project?

    What was the largest coding project you have ever started with php or other server side scripting languages (I guess javascript counts for the purpose of this discussion too, a well as SQL). Can you also go into specifics about what was involved?

    For me it would be my current website which has a custom made guide system. The guides are stored in a database and can be added through a form that only staff can access. I had to learn how to integrate this Site CP with my software, MyBB, by looking at its cooking and allowing content team members and admins to post news posts, manage posted comments on the guides, manage guides, edit guides, and add them.

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    Re: Largest Coding Project?

    Mine was probably making a Text-to-topic MOD for Phpbb 3 which is still under way. I am having a lot of issues.

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    It was actually done by former admin That One Guy of UniverseWars and me, but it was a complete revamp in the coding of UniverseWars.

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    My AIO system. It's an add-on for the popular free forum software, ZetaBoards. It allows users to activate many different features on their forum at the click of a button. These features include things such as earning money from posting, bank, donation, shop, advanced advert system, lottery, posting competitions etc. It's been in production for about 2 years now and the second version is upon release. The current released 1st version is used by over 1,000 forums and 50,000 members.

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