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Thread: Light or dark themes?

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    I&#39;m a dark forum person, but I have seen some dark skins that totally throw me off >.<

    But I hate bright skins XD Ugh I&#39;m used to the dark I guess :#

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    I prefer light themes, my eyes hurt after I set infront of the dark screen. I just dont really like them.

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    I prefer the more lighter themes, I also think it takes more skill to design the darker ones though.

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    I hate forums with Over Graphics and junk similies

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    If it&#39;s too light then it irritates me. If it&#39;s too dark then it is hard to ready and very annoying. So, I like the perfect balance between the two.

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    I prefer light themes, but it really depends on the content of the forum.

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    Dark themes tend to have white colour or red colour text with a black background which sometimes makes your eyes hurt if you look at it for too long.

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    I like dark themes. I for some reason find them easier to navigate.

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    I like light themes because it&#39;s better for my eyes.

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    I would say light themes, as its clear to read things.

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