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Thread: Light or dark themes?

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    Which do you prefer? I personally usually prefer light themes though both can look great.

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    I agree Sbfc. Dark themes can only look great in my opinion if it is designed so well that the use can actually see the text.

    If there is a light theme option I always choose it, mostly because my eyes take it better. But then again some forum topics suit dark themes, like a forum for webmasters should be light and a forum for death metal rockers would obviously be dark.

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    I like the dark one on here and I use that one I cant even remember what the light one is on here.

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    [quote name='Strider' date='04 April 2010 - 03:00 PM' timestamp='1270389605' post='12805']

    I like the dark one on here and I use that one I cant even remember what the light one is on here.


    Web 2.0

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    Dark themes look cool, but the light ones give a more clean look.

    Im using Midnight Glow Import

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    I am a fan of lighter forums, although with splashes of color here and there. Dark forums make me gloomy and forums that are too light give me a headache.

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    I prefer light themes.

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    Dark skins

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    I prefer light themes 'cause it's easier to see.

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    I usually use Light themes, but for my forum , I use a dark theme!

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