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Thread: Limiting Guest's Permissions.

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    Do you limit your guest's permissions such as how many threads they can view or can even view a forum? I would let guest's view 4 topics then force them to join as who knows they might bump some topics.

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    guests can view everything except for off topic in my forum
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    I think that guests should be able to see everything (Excluding Private staff forums) and I would let them see the "Pro Member" forum... but I wouldnt let them see the threads within... (in other words they can see that there is a forum there... but they cant see the threads within...)

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    Guests should be able to see everything a normal member can.

    Otherwise your damaging your SEO.

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    Well some members in that case are split into different platforms and can reign new forums each time they hit a post milestone s they can gain separate achievements as they work hard. That's the way I worked my forum, platform 1 - 100 posts, plat. 2 - 500 posts and 1 month premium free, plat. 3 - 1500 posts and free VIP access. Plat 4 - is a discount of off premium and vip member ships.

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    Guests can do everything on my forum expect from posting and using avatar, sig, etc ... And a section with 4 forums they can't see until they join. But for the rest they can see member profile, who is online, memberlist, you name it.

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