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    Do you and your staff have private meetings via MSN or Skype or anything like that? I don't as of the moment because there is nothing to discuss, if a staff member brings up a good point that should be discussed we either make a comment or all meet up in MSN at a certain time when we can.

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    We don't on CF, we just discuss in staff den, some staff members I do have on msn and talk with when I get on msn once in a while.

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    i am the only staff member on my forum, but on one of the other ones i am admin on, the admin and mods are my best friends, and we do talk on msn, and sometimes have serious staff meetings
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    If I had a forum... I would try and get my staff to chat on MSN or something like chat... I think the more that the staff relate to each other the better the atmosphere in the staff sections and the decisions whold also be better as they can ask, and know that they will get the help they need, in taking the decision....

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