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Thread: Members with 0 posts

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    I just keep them for the member count, not like they're doing any harm.

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    Same here, keep them, email them occasionally, hope they appear from time to time.

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    Most boards automatically email them once their account is inactive, or there is a mod available to do it. I think it's stupid to delete them thought because it makes your forum look better with more members.

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    I keep them, and maybe once every four months we Email all the members who have not been on for a month about our updates, what you can do with us, contests ect. to make them want to come back. But otherwise I do not delete them because there is not point in doing so, because they may come back.

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    I don't see the point in deleting members with zero posts, either. They don't really cause much bloat in the database, so what's the point?

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    Usually if i have a forum with some inactive members I just ignore it and continue on there is no real point in deleting accounts.

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    I keep them, not only you have more in the memberslist and they may come back. Just send out monthly emails to everybody who hasnt posted, or to everybody.

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    Hmm.. I wouldn't delete them.. to keep the member count up

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    Wouldn't delete them for two reasons.

    1. I know some people end up leaving a board for a few months (something I myself do) and I'm sure they would be pissed off if they came back and saw their account has been deleted.

    2. It's a waste of time looking at all your users and checking old accounts to delete, doesn't help your board and there are more productive things to be doing.

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    Members with 0 posts? I hate them, but keep them because it makes the site look better with more members. Usually people don't check how many posts members have, so therefore it's not too bad.

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