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    What do you do with them? I keep them, I don't see the point in deleting them and they may (it is unlikely though) come back to post one day.

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    If they haven't been on for like a year or so, I delete them which is what I'm gonna do soon.

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    I keep them, there is always a chance they could come back.

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    I email them.

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    What we do is every couple of months of no activety we send tham an e-mail reminding them about new content on the site and to be fair it has worked has we jumped from 30 active users to 50 in the last 24.

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    Lol, we forget they're there XD

    But yeah, we send out a reminder email every 2 or 3 months :3 So we don't delete them in case some random day they decide they'll check us out again! Which would be awesome =P

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    I keep inactive accounts, because you never know when a person will want to come back and post, plus it looks bad on your forum's stats if you delete them. I hate being on boards where they delete your account if you go inactive for a long period of time. I mean, sure, if it's been a year or more, then I don't mind deleting them, but if it hasn't been a year, I wouldn't think of deleting them.

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    Just mass e-mail the forum, but make sure there is a change included with that and then regarding inactive members to come back and look at achievements.

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    Yeah, I just send a e-mail to all inactive posters every 2 months of no visiting. If they still don't come back, I don't delete them. I really don't see the point in deleting them anyways.

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    They generally get forgotten... If they post or not; it's their choice afterall...

    I'm not going to push them and in the end they're just an extra member to our member count.

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