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Thread: The Milestones Keep Coming

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    Hey guys yet another milestone news topic, TheHazey this afternoon has cleared 10,000 posts and 1,000 topics within an hour of each other, well done to Fowler for getting the 10,000th post and Tommy G for creating the 1000th topic.

    These are fantastic milestones to reach and we are still only 46 days old, so to reach these milestone in that sort space of time is testiment to the dedication of our members. Our next targets are 25k posts, and 2,500 topics with the next few months at the current activity levels these are very achievable targets.

    Thanks everyone who has made TheHazey one of the most popular and taked about forums today.

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    That's great Rich, good luck with getting to 25K posts

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    Well done Richard!

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    thanks guys

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    Congratulations to The Hazey!

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