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    Moderation Queue

    Do you put people on moderation queue/do you have it for the first few posts?

    I don't generally do either and I find moderation queue for your first few posts to be extremely annoying.

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    Re: Moderation Queue

    I don't. The only time I have mod queue, is if someone has done something wrong and I have told them more than once to cut it out. Other than that, I don't do mod queue for any amount of posts.

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    Re: Moderation Queue

    I don't do moderation queue for the first few posts. I did it before, but found that it was both annoying for the new members and the staff, so I got rid of it.

    I do however do it for certain forums, like articles.

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    Re: Moderation Queue

    I have never used moderation que, I might actually consider it when/if I ever got a forum that grew to have a lot of new registrations a day just so I could keep track.

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    Re: Moderation Queue

    I have never used it either.

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    I don't use it at all, I may use it if a member is breaking the rules often, but they would most likely just be banned from the forum, queues are just one more thing for me and my staff to deal with.

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