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Thread: Moderators And Admins Needed For A NEW Forum

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    Smile Moderators And Admins Needed For A NEW Forum

    Hello everyone, i am looking to start a webmaster forum on the subdomain of my proxy toplist: , and am currently need of moderators/admins, this position is not paid but will be if the site makes money, and once the toplist gets popular enough to get highlighted listings then you will get money from that too :P

    Please reply here or PM me for more information


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    There are plenty of webmaster forums out there including, but not limited to NB, DP, and just to name a few.

    What is your forum's unique selling property?

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    Valid point. The biggest trick isnt finding moderators in thwe early going... until you have a crowd it doesnt take many hands to that part. The big challenge seems to be attracting and retaining members. For that, as Habuku points out, you need a hook to separate you from the crowd.

    Will's drawcard when he opened this one was to seek out and draw on banned and/or disaffected members of DP that were tired of the spam & scam that goes hand-in-hand with a forum of that size. He built it with a different rules/moderation model so people didnt feel like they were jumping from the frying pan to the fire... sorta "the kinder gentler forum" approach.

    He's done well with it compared to most startups, but from what I've seen he spent a helluva lotta hours and elbow grease getting to this point and is still working at it. The big turnoff of most new forums is that they appear dead. You dont need a lotta mods if there arent posters... but OTOH if you get mods that have a bit of a social reach, the right ones might help you draw a crowd.

    May all be review for you... dont know how much you've done this. If it was stuff you already had in the bag, no harm intended. Good luck with the forum.
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    it doesnt exist yet, the whole point of getting moderators now is that a bunch of minds is better than one, that way with say 6 people promotiing instead of one they chance is more likely to survive, and i havent got anything to lose, i get free hosting XD
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    Free hosting's a good thing... at least that'll help keep the bills down.

    If you're looking for them to help you fill the seats, choice of personnel will be a pretty big factor on the ramp-up... gonna need some people that'll do a lotta outreach in addition to the normal role. So far the NB startup is the most successful one I've watched start from scratch lately, and the appearance from the outside was that in addition to doing a ton of outreach personally, the admins found ways to incent and/or inspire their membership to draw in folks.

    Pretty saturated market to try and break into, so it oughta be quite a challenge. Will require some hefty marketing work to avoid that deadly echo that makes it hard to keep members. Have seen a lotta "if you build it they will come" startups go down in flames, so pre-planning is a good thing.
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    As long as it isn't on a free host that's a good thing. One suggestion though, you won't be having serious webmasters on a forum that's on the subdomain of a proxy list. If it would be a proxy forum though, that could make sense
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    it will be like netbuilders with a proxy section, we got a domain and all that stuff, i dont mean free webhost, i get free hosting off my friendss SERVEr, which has litespeed so aultra fast XD , also i have free webhosting off a friend which i will probably use for offshore backups, still installing mods etc, but heres the forum: - Webmaster Community thats here for YOU!
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    what does everyone think now? - The Webmaster Community

    it has only been up 5 days, and 16 members and over 200 posts, feel free to register and join! Tell me what you think!
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    I'm still not seeing the point here. Why would I come to your forum when I could remain at NetBuilders? Why your forum over DigitalPoint, PromoJunkie, SiteReviver, AdminZone, etc? Most people have better things to do than just sign-up to a random, new forum that really offers nothing. Furthermore, it's interesting that you're seeking moderators and admins before you even have a community in place. It looks horrible to see a forum where all the active members are just staff.

    You are going to have a ton of competition, and I doubt your forum will survive given the fact that you have yet to provide any new or revolutionary service to the webmaster community. I will give you a real life example:

    There is a long-established pizza shop in my town with quality food and great prices.
    A new guy moves to town and opens a pizza shop a block away. It fails miserably.

    Why? Because it offered nothing new, nothing innovative or different, nothing better, and there was no reason for anyone to go there.

    As someone above mentioned, the 'if you build it they will come' attitude leads to a mess down the road.
    Sit down, do some planning, and get a few real ideas started before you try and advertise your community.

    I also highly advise you against using MyBB.

    Find a core group of members who can brainstorm and bring people in.
    SLOWLY promote those people to positions of power as the community grows.
    Develop tools and resources for webmasters and give them a reason to come and stay.
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    we have 2 staff members? you clearly have not looked at the forum, how did digital point start? everyone has got to start somewhere, we are looking at things with a more questionable approach to be more unique, like are GPT sites legit, with a list of tried and tested ones, we are 5 days in the making, please give us time, i dont think nearly 250 posts and nearly 20 members in the first 5 days is bad...
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