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Thread: MSN addresses

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    Do you get your staff's MSN addresses?

    I do and I have most of my staff on MSN.

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    yeh you do SBFC you have mine Also on my forum i also have all my staff msn's

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    I have my co-admins MSN, but that's about it, really. I think he could be one of the only ones (next to me) who actually has MSN.

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    Yea, i get a few of them.

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    I do, but since I hardly go on msn it's pointless, plus my staff hardly come on lol.

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    We have myself and my co-admin and our team of moderators which is four I have all of their msn apart from one who does not have it but to be fair to him he his so good in his section at what he does there is no need to really have a chat with him we do keep contact over the pm's though if need be.

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    I try to get staff's msn, but a lot of the time they don't have msn.

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    I have MSN, but I use skype more.

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    I have some of them, but not all of them.

    Maybe I should get them now...

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    We don't really use MSN. Yahoo is our primary messenger of choice. We find it much easier/convenient than using PMs on the board.

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