The MAT 2010 tournaments is a series of test, that puts the participants into stringent tests, if they win 2000 House Points and the badges await them! The Tournaments , judged by external Judges, and therefore rule out any chance of partiality among judges.

The Blue Print of MAT 2010 suggests that each participants must take part in 5 challenges that really needs brain and indepth knowledge in harry Potter Series to solve the challenges.The First two challenges are very easy , many of you would say "Childs Play" and therefore doesnot need much efforts to solve.

The Tournament, as the dueling tournaments is not conducted on the basis of win and qualify, but on the basis of 'recording the score' principle, which means you will be judged and all scores added to totals to decide ultimately who the champion and the runner ups are.

Please Note that All Points will be added to the next term which begins on 26th April 2010.That's all the information we can share and a Very Good luck to all The Participants!

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-Professor Severus Snape

Head Master

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry