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Thread: My Staff Is Super Lazy

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    Hey guys, anyone have some tips for motivating my staff? They are super lazy, hardly moderate and refuse to help promote the site. I wonder if I should just get all new staff, or just let these guys carry on.

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    hey man you gotta do what you gotta do! Try to talk to them let them know whats expected and how to help the site grow, dont let them just sit around and not make activity or help it grow any.

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    tell them that as moderators they have responsibilities on your forum, and if they dont start doing their job they will be replaced with someone else
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    It depends on how much you are doing. If you are on a free forum host, people don't really take you seriously. Make sure you are investing both time and if you can money in the site and the staff should soon see you are serious. If not, it's time to get posting in our Jobs section.

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    I would get new staff that are trust worthy and up for the job, staff like that will get no where in foruming.

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    Usually when staff aren't motivated like this they don't like the forum genre or the activity given in by others around them. It's best to just get new staff because staff that can't be motivated now, probably won't later.

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    It's your site correct? If so then you need to take that step and tell them that if they do not help out, then it's best that they leave now. If anything tell them via pm, or w/e it takes.

    Most staff like that waits for others to post, before they do. Instead they should be making valuable content whether anyone else is or not.

    Also, of course make sure you are doing your part of the sites needs. If you feel their lazy, then you need to address them now rather than wait. Explain to them what they do or do not do, and why it's not helping the site. If they say their leaving, then let them go.

    I have always set my goals high, especially in making people happy, and never trying to upset them, even if one staff member hates another, however, I have learned that when I am doing something, or running something, and I give someone a chance to do something, I must make sure that I am maintaining a professional environment, and in your case your staff is not, and so like real life, if your not doing your job, then the need for you is no more. Simple and Cut case.

    Explain to them their faults, and hope that they can pick up the pace, and if not then you will have to look for someone else.

    It's up to you though on really what you should do.

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