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Thread: Mybb vs Phpbb

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    Re: Mybb vs Phpbb

    I love phpBB. While some seem to claim that I'm secretly running phpBB 2.0.10 (???), I'm running the latest version of phpBB 3. :P

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    Re: Mybb vs Phpbb

    I love phpBB! It's my fav forum software, and has been for a long time.

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    Re: Mybb vs Phpbb

    You can do a lot more on PHPBB than MyBB, although from an administrators point of view, I'd go back to MyBB if I could. Their ACP is easy to use and understand, and their mods are a plugin and play system (free version and I think some advanced version) I didn't stay on the advanced version for too long, so I've never totally experimented with the advanced version.

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    Re: Mybb vs Phpbb

    Mybb has an easy, hassle free ACP and installing plugins and modifications is nothing but a breeze. It also is very user friendly in my perspective. I'd have to say I vote Mybb but both are good and I've ran forums on both.

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    Re: Mybb vs Phpbb

    MyBB is much friendlier and has been much improved upon and in my opinion is beginning surpass the good old software of phpBB.

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