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Thread: Name 5 things a forum should have

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    Name 5 things a forum should have

    Well what do you think a forum needs to have to be really called a forum, a place. Because I personally don't call everything forum that is ment to be a forum. Empty forums are not forums for me. For me the definition of a forum is a place where you can discuss and post on alot of topics and subjects, interact with the members, and much more ...

    Thus for me the 5 things would be

    1. A good team of admins and mods

    2. content lots of it

    3. A clear goal, purpose

    4. original & interesting

    5. seeing the site expanding and improving

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    Allow me, my friend..

    5 things a forum should have.

    ~ Staff Members. (Should be Limited)

    ~ ToS and Rules

    ~ Categories and Topics

    ~ Members (Lot's of 'em)

    ~ Updates..(As much as possible, there should be new...everyday )

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    1) A good team built on trust !

    2) A good theme

    3) Content

    4) Ability to provide members what we promise.

    5) Contests, that keeps the members excited.

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    1) Great staff.

    2) catchy URL

    3) nice banner

    4) staff like all you :yea

    5) stow or stom

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    - Good content

    - Interesting discussions

    - Good members, good staff are nothing without a community

    - A wide range of content

    - Things to make members feel like a community not just a bunch of people who happen to be on a site.

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    things a forum should have as a forum..

    1). a topic only to its kind >> a topic or theme is what attracts people to a forum. so if you want to make your forum special, you have to have a special, unique theme for your forum, which never been before.

    2). a supporting staff team >> forums are started from nothing at all, so looking for staff members might be a problem too (like what I have now ^^"), but once you've had a solid staff team that would work to make your forum a better place, you have made a good start.

    3). a supporting member >> it's already clear, as posters above me had pointed out.

    4). not a very wide range of topics >> maybe you think this is weird, but I'd still say so. as I've said before, what's important is the uniqueness of the forum, so if you have too wide range of topics or categories, people will lose the reason of going to that forum. stick to the sole purpose of your forum, and make other discussion as minor things.

    5). interesting mods >> this will complement the unique theme; with interesting mods and features, members will be sure to check them out.

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    - activity-every forum needs members visiting every day, and new posts and threads being made. this will keep members coming back, and make new members want to join. ideally, all forums should start with about 5 threads in every section, to stop it being empty.

    - good moderation-the forum needs to be looked after, and have spam posts, or posts against the rules removed, but it also must not be too strict as it will put members off. staff members must use their powers responsibly and treat all members equally, no having favourites. the staff members must follow the rules that they expect the members to follow.

    - layout-the forum must be easy to navigate. there should not be too many sections at first, as this can make new forums look inactive, and it must be very clear what is meant to go in each section.

    - appearance-the skin must not make your eyes bleed-the colours should be easy on the eye and the text should be easy to read on the background. it must try and be something unique, and not the default skin for the kind of forum your using. there should usually be a banner or logo at the top, that is attractive and fits in with the forums theme.

    - friendliness of members-the staff and members should be friendly and welcoming to all members,
    Kayls-Most Haunted Forum Admin

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    - Nice Banner

    - Great staff members

    - Nice theme

    -Good rules

    - Has somthing nobody els has on there forums.

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    - Good Staff/Members

    - Good Concept/Theme/Idea

    - Good Admins/Officials

    - Good and Professional Choice of staff!

    - Good Url/Server/Host

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    Re: Name 5 things a forum should have

    Lol you repeated staff twice.

    Good topic, not a general chat forum.

    Good theme

    Good staff

    Events, contests - There doesn't have to be prizes

    Good rules

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