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Thread: Negative Feedback

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    Negative Feedback

    How do you deal with negative feedback? It will probably be deleted if it isn't constructive however if it is constructive I will respond to it.

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    Re: Negative Feedback

    Same. If someone says something such as "this forum sucks" then the user will be -repped and the topic will be deleted.

    If the user says "Your forum really needs work. It doesn't even have a quick reply or a good theme." then I look into it.

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    Re: Negative Feedback

    Usually, feedback on my forum is pretty constructive, so that's good. However, if it's not good, I'll probably reply and say something like, "Can you explain what you mean, please?" and after some unsuccessful tries, if I still don't understand what someone is refering too, then it'll automatically go in the feedback archive until the member feels they can explain themselves properly.

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    I can't seem to get any feedback on my forum. Feedback that is constructive is very much welcome and anything pointless is considered spam, flaming, insulting, and will just get deleted.

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