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Thread: NetBuilder Communities

  1. right now I'm working on building a community focused around community administration, check it out at Community-Forums | Uniting Communities Under One Banner
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    The only forum I'm running is one I started 4 months ago, General Forums is a nice site I put up to ease my forum addiction.

    The only thing holding it back is a little bit of time and funding. I'm not really running it in the traditional sense of starting with one user and one post. I've been purchasing forums and merging them into ours.

    It still feels new to me, so it's a must to stop by and post at least once a day, if not more. We have some nice active members from the forums we've merged, so they've been helping with the activity as well.

    The last forum I ran for 4 years before it got to the point where I could walk away from it for a week and activity would still be solid when I came back. I think this one will be like that by it's one year anniversary but I'll still be checking in every day. It's so easy with some of the mobile devices these days, it takes seconds to read and post a quick reply if needed.
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    Custom Truck Talk

    I just started its going slow but i hope it grows bigger some day. As you can tell by the name its about Custom Trucks. i am still messing around with the theme.

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    i currently own the most haunted forum, which is 5 months and 2 weeks old.

    currently the problems i have faced is dealing with members who are not bots, but just join to make use of the link section, although now its only open to members who have more than 10 posts. there are some members who do not obey this rule, but i just delete their link. my main problem came from one particular member who did make 10 posts, but now only comes on to bump his own thread, and when i told him to stop it he asked whether i wanted to affiliate with him. now i decided that only regularly posting members can bump their threads, and only every few months.

    another problem i did have is that the tv show that the forum was made as a fan site for has finished, so im concentrating on general paranormal stuff now.
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    I am working on building a community of affiliate marketers at PeerFly

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