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Thread: Non-English Posts

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    What do you do when your whole forum is English, and has English speaking members but someone comes and posts something in a new language?

    Do you just ask the poster to post in English or provide a translation for the other members?

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    I try to ask that person if they can please speak English so the rest of us can understand them. I don't mind if grammar is imperfect, just as long as it's understandable.

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    Well, most people who translate make pointless post's but copy and paste there post into a translator and see what there saying then convert it if it is in my standards or delete if not.

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    If they post in another language then they probably don't know English... I'd probably delete the posts to be honest as this is an English speaking forum.

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    There is a lot of mods that can translate, or you can just translate it and edit the persons topic with the translation.

    The thing is, I highly doubt anyone will join a forum that's in a different language to their own.

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    I would use Google Translate and tell them to use Google Translate to translate it to English.

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    Never delete the post, just move it into a locked section where only moderators and admins can see, so you get the post count for the forum stats.

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    Our rules state we are an english speaking forum so if anyone posts in a different language it will get moved to the dump bin where only the admin and mods can see it.

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    I ask them to speak English.

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    You can, but what if they dont understand english? You have to go through the trouble of translating, and then trying to figure out what the non english member is saying.

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