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Thread: Obsession with stats

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    Do you know any forums that are obsessed with stats? Admins that are stat whores?

    I do like good stats but a good community > stats.

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    A couple admins get in that line of work to sell there forums when they reach a level. So very good stats are a must. But I'm not like that, its not good for the forum, say you move spam posts to a trash section is better, where nobody can search for it or see it.

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    I have to admit, I sometimes fall victim of the stats -- but I appreciate an awesome community. I dislike the stat whores very much so I try my hardest to not be one, but I was forum-raised around stat whores who criticized everything based on statistics.

    Obsessing with stats is a very unhealthy habit for the forum on a whole

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    I love seeing good stats on my forums. Makes me feel successful.

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