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    how long does it take you to prepare your board before you open it?

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    I think it took about two weeks in the case of Admin Community. A lot of preperation went into it.

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    Abox was on ZB before, and we had a whole month before that because the main admin didn't really want a forum -- he was just testing some things, but in the end he wanted it to be a forum and it turned out to this today -- now it's on VB and everything :3 Weird, huh?

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    I actually opened my site right away, which was a bad move because there was still a lot of work to be done. However, we got most everything done, and I think we have one more (unimportant) mod to install and then we will be raring to go.

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    At least 2 weeks after theme(s) have been decided, smilies/ranks/image sets have been added, then build up to 500 pre-posts if possible, but atleast make a big dramatic scene into foruming like AC did but they gained 2000 posts.

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