im currently organising an event on my paranormal forum. i am running a few competitions over the next month, and the prize is a free ghost hunting event. there is also a special offer of £30 off the event for forum members who email a certain code to the guy organising the event.

now i need a way to pass information on quickly between members going on the event and the event organisers. i made a section on the forum for the event, where only people who are going can see.

i know that in the section we need to post directions to the hotel, times we are getting there and leaving at the end of the event, find out from our event organiser who has used the special forum member offer, several members have questions they need answering......anything else ive forgotten?

i also need a way of identifying who is who when we get there, as there will be other people who we dont know going, so we know that everyone is here