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Thread: Overmoderation

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    I have seen a few forums that over-moderate at the start, just to get things right. It isn't a great thing to do really.

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    Well, not really. I think it's good to moderate alot but when it goes to far it can be bad.

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    I don't think I have over moderated on my forum.

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    I have encountered one a couple of days ago. Though I am on topic and replies to the posts, even when my site on my sig is around, they banned be. Do you think it's over moderation?

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    I've been banned for asking someone to PM in the wrong forum for 7 days.

    Over-moderation is lame.

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    No thank god, if there was I would leave.

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    On the active forums I am on, they are never over-moderated. Sometimes I feel they are under-moderated.

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