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Thread: Overstaffing

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    Re: Overstaffing

    I try not to overstaff. Although I find it hard to find some active moderators.

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    Re: Overstaffing

    at the moment we have two admins, and we have just made a team of four moderators, of the moderators we have, one doing a certain section which he his dedicated to, the other doing the home dressing room and the third doing the away dressing room with one more who is the group leader.

    What we have done though is only give them a few permissions not all available to the mods so they can be trained ready for when we are extremely busy,at the moment they can not ban a member only the group leader and the two admins can do this, the way we see it if we give them the permissions slowly they will be very good in the end.

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    Re: Overstaffing

    I have two admins (me being one of them) and one moderator at my forum. I'm actually just fine with me being the only mod but my other two admins also do a very good job.

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    If anything, I say being understaffed is better than overstaffed. I worked on a forum that was overstaffed, you learn a lot, but I don't visit it anymore because of all the frequent hackings. Overstaffed forums are very bad and only create unneeded problems for the forum.

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