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Thread: Paid Host Benefits

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    Usually paid host don't have many limits as free hosts.

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    paid hosts (since they get money from you apart from their own revenues) are inclined to give better services and response to customers.

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    I agree: paid hosts are better because the are encouraged to give better services since they are paid.

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    and moreover they know the fact that since they are paid they will be in demand only as long as their features and quality will be above good.

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    Paid Hosts tend to get less downtime than those who use Free Hosts. Paid Hosts are also much faster than Free Hosts.

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    that depends because in some cases since users pay for the space they stock up the bandwidth and this makes sites slow and server too.

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    It honestly depends on the paid host, some of them are there just to take your money and prentend to offer you unmetered access. The cheap ones tend to be the worst capping the amount of users that can visit your forum before crashing, i advise you just search around and check the site reviews on 3rd party review sites.

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    RE: Paid Host Benefits

    checking reviews is a good strategy but most of the times users have to be careful because the reviews are paid and fake often. Also don't choose a host on the basis of any toplist because most of the toplists are just running their affiliate business.

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