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Thread: Paid Staff

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    Have you ever paid your staff? How did that work out? A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    I pay staff for Admin Community. To be honest it doesn't seem to make much of a different except perhaps making recruitment slightly easier.

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    Cant say i have tbf, And dont think i would. Id advertise within my own board asking if anyone would like to become a staff member and they put them selfs up.

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    I havn't but I think it makes the staff slightly more active due to the fact they are getting money. I'll never have the money to pay staff.

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    It does make a difference at times, but I still wouldnt pay staff.

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    i never have, don't give money for moderating

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    I think it would be different if the board was a very active one which did require staff 24/7, and was getting some form or money source such as ads, donations, memberships etc...

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    ^ Yea, thats good. If the admin of the forum is getting money from the site/forum/blog and the admins do a great job and do alot of work everyday, then its only fair to pay them. But if you have no income from the forum/site/blah, then atleast a couple staff ads could be helpful.

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    I think it would only be fair as every staff member of a forums puts 110% into making the forums a good place hence why being active

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    I haven't paid my staff, but I have offered to do so. They declined payment, though.

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