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Thread: phpBB vs. SMF vs. MyBB

  1. I use smf, its easy to install and manage.

  2. i love phpbb and i run all of my forums with that only

  3. I would recommend MyBB mainly because of its support forum at MyBB - Free PHP and MySQL Forum Software also they have some of the best templates, mods and its free !!
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    Long ago i had a forum website.

    i first used SMF in it and then changed to PHPbb.
    PHPBB was comfortable for me than SMF....

    But vBulletin is the best of the bests...

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    I tried PHPBB and got spammed to death, also it is a mammoth script, way too complex IMO. SMF I like but is dated and hard to customize.

    MyBB is great IMO. The #1 choice for me and I do my best to recommend it to anyone who asks. I can code plugins for it too.

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    I tried phpBB find it difficult to use (may be not being expert), after switching over to VB I feel very relax, easy to operate and can find lots of support on net.


  7. I am using MyBB at the moment and it is the best free script, however VB is the most advanced... if you are willing to pay for it

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    Yes it is very simple for who does not know much about codes etc., I can say it is really worth.


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    I think PHPBB is the best of all. its easy to setup and also it have nice themes. specially prosilver. and its look more professional then others..
    Demo : free forums

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    MyBB gets my vote at No spam yet while PHPBB was a nightmare and SMF is OK but a bit tricky to customize in my experience.

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