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Thread: PM Advertising

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    One time I got PM ads so I simply tormented the guy advertising to me via PM. He cried.

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    I never PM advertised to anyone, because I know how annoying it is when people do it to me, so I would not want to do it to them. I get them all the time at my forum and on others, I do not do anything, because it is not really a crime or anything, probably just a new person that is excited about their forum.

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    Ok, I know it for a fact, there is alot of that on plenty of forums, the admins can not really stop it. The only way to do so, is let people know where the report pm feature is, and make it easier.

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    I don't PM advertise because that would be consider being a spammer.

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    I haven't tried this, but I did get one once.

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    I did once, on the Official Nintendo Magazine Forum, but that was really as more a case of someone asking for help & a modification I was using on a previous site of mine, so sent them a link + details on how to do the modification.

    Turned out the person who had contacted me, was an alt-account of a moderator there, and they were randomly PM Advertising people so that they could issue warnings/suspensions if the user replied with linked details and such. ¬.¬

    When I reported it in the PM Advertising thread there, my post got deleted (by another moderator/or the same one who did the PM Advertising), and I got another warning for "Abusing a moderator".

    So I decided to delete a few threads I was working on, and haven't been back on there for about a year now, but have heard that the moderator who was doing the sting did get sacked for it.

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    In my own forum, I prefer email advertising over PM advertising, and I almost always honour unsubscribe requests.

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    i don't like it, if people want to advertise they can post in a spam section, ive put in the rules if people pm advertise then they should forward the pm to a member of staff and they will get warned

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    never experienced it. i would probably not use it

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    but i did do it once, but that was not a main advertisement i was talking to a bunch of people and i mentioned my site

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