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Thread: PM Advertising

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    PM Advertising

    Honestly, have you ever PM advertised? Does PM advertising put you off a forum? I have once without any intent and I also used to send PM's to users asking for exchanges. Don't do either any more and I do not PM advertise. As for PM advertising putting me off a forum, I don't think it does unless it's an extreme case.

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    Re: PM Advertising

    I've never PM advertised, but I have had people send me PMs about their forums. I just forward it to the administrator and then go on. I know of one advertisement forum that wanted to offer PM advertisement services. I left and never went back because I didn't like the idea of it.

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    Re: PM Advertising

    I did PM advertise once, but this was last year. Ages ago. About half a year or more ago..

    I've received lots of PM Advertisements before.. Some where asking for you to join their forum and some where just blatant spam..

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    Re: PM Advertising

    I wouldint PM Advertise, It usually gets you banned from forums even if there forum rules dont say Pm Advertising.. They ppl do it :L

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    Re: PM Advertising

    I've never PM Advertised, don't need to. Its a waste of time as you know what is going to happen to you

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    Re: PM Advertising

    I have in the past on an old for I used to Co-Admin on called but the place shut down and I quit doing the P.M. advertisement as for the most part it doesn't really work.

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    Re: PM Advertising

    If it was done on my forum then they would be banned.

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    Re: PM Advertising

    I dont really have a big problem with it to be honest, if someone want to send me a pm asking me to exchange or to join their forum I have a look and if I dont like it I tell them politely in a reply, same for exchanges if I like the forum and feel they can contribute to ours then I happily reply with acceptance if I dont them I happily reply telling them thanks for the offer but its not for me.

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    It's not in my rules, but I will make sure it gets added. Any PM advertising will get that member banned. It really puts me off a forum.

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    I PM advertised on Gaiaonline once.

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