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Thread: Post activation

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    It is good if you have it set for the first few posts when someone joins, but if every post has to be sent for approval, I leave within a short time of trying to post.

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    It's different if they have had spam attacks and it's only for new members or something but I disagree with it having all the time.

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    I have this, but only in one section of my forum, the Websites section. And that's only so i can moderate sites that have or have not given link backs.

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    I agree. I don't want to wait for an moderator to approve my good quality post.

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    It would be a nightmare on a large forum to approve new posts. I can't see the reasoning behind it. I tired it once on a few smaller sections of my forums and I just couldn't keep up with it. In the end you have to deal with the posts as they come in. I moderate new members from time to time when I am getting spammed.

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    [quote name='Sparta' date='10 March 2010 - 08:50 PM' timestamp='1268254238' post='10913']

    I just leave right then and there if they have that; there is no good reason for it, and is very annoying from the users view. But it may be smart from the Admins view because-

    Post activation= no spam

    yet it also equals:

    post activation= no activity.


    i agree with this but i think if someone spams you delete their post and warn them, if they keep spamming then you ban them

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    I would only put it on users that are known to spam or flame. For the whole board, gawd no

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    Are you guys talking about post moderation?

    I guess it sucks, but some communities either are very selective or they are extremely spam-protective.

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    I only moderate posts (post activation) on only certain people who spam.... or break the rules alot of times.

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    Yeah, its bad when trying to post an introduction. Don't really feel welcome then.

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