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Thread: Power hungry staff

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    Power hungry staff

    Have you ever experienced them as a user?

    I honestly don't think I have to be honest.

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    Yeah I have, locked topics for the fun of it, gave a warning for doing a mistake.

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    When I first started my forum, I had a power hungry staff member. Apparently a few of their friends joined my forum and they made it their goal to make their stay miserable. I ultimately demoted them.

    As a user I haven't . Only as a Staff member.

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    I have come across a few Power hungry staff team members, and I will tell you what, they are quiet the annoyance and they usually get kicked off.

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    We have a member on our forum who since he joined always asked about being a mod,

    now for me someone who constantly asks to be a mod should never be one for that exact reason because to me they are craving power

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    On my first couple forums a lot of people would always ask to be mods.

    The others that didn't I promoted since they were the intelligent ones.

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    There is one member on another forum I admin who is desperate to be an admin after failing to use the power responsibly every time and the user continues to harrass the site. I however got rid of him.

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    on my first forum i made I was power hungry but now im not and usually its my staff and thats how most of my forums fail nowadays

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    Re: Power hungry staff

    I see this a fair bit on some of the bigger forums.

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    Big forums have a lot of trouble regulating this I see. The worst are the ones who make up their own rules to a section in the forum. They think they own the forum, and that is a major turn off for me. I have not ever been power hungry, but if I could give those staff members a piece of my mind, I would. I just shows how unprofessional and childish they act. Forums with owners that give out power too easily are usually the ones that have this problem I've noticed too.

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