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Thread: Preferred Team

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    What is your favourite team to be on excluding the administrator team?

    For me it's a moderator role (Community Team).

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    For me it is the mod role as well.

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    Ya , of course its the Moderator Team that comes second to the Administrator . Without the moderators , the forum would be in a total mess with spamming and broken rules .

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    Super Moderator. I don't really like being on services teams any more on promotion forums, it takes too much time.

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    You seen happy to be the PTL on Promotion Source

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    [quote name='Sbfc' date='07 March 2010 - 05:29 PM' timestamp='1267982947' post='10585']

    You seen happy to be the PTL on Promotion Source


    Yeah I am happy to be part of the package team on one forum, but packages take too much time for me now. I'll still stay PTL there, but I would prefer being in a community team

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    the mod team is the best isnt it after admin for sure.

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    Admin & Global mod/community team is the group i would always prefer.

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    My personal favorite is a moderator role or any role of authority

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    After administrator, my second favorite would have to be moderator. I remember being on the Package Team on Forum Advertiser when it was still around, that got to be a chore after a while. So I would really rather be a community team member more than anything.

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