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    Importance of Community Promotion

    Promoting a community is one of the lifeblood of any message board, Internet forum, or site. It's so important that if you think otherwise you will most likely end up just looking at your site statistics as it remains ever constant. No amount of magic or time spent staring at your stats will amount to any form of improvement.

    If you want to make real changes to your site and not just get loads of page views yet don't get quality posts made then you should take steps geared toward promoting your online community. It is a backbreaking task but the results are pretty rewarding by whatever standards.

    How to Start Promoting a Community

    Take note that whenever you start to promote your site you are also promoting your every own self. Your own aptitude and attitude towards others you deal with also play a vital role in promoting your site. Treat others well and you might just find more and better opportunities to promote and develop your site.

    Being friendly, professional, approachable, and fair online attracts business deals and fosters a better community spirit in your forums. Business-wise you are looking for sponsorship and other affiliate programs to be offered as well as more members into your community.

    Simple Tricks at Promoting a Community

    Promoting a community will take a lot of hard work. You need to be active in other forums and advertise your site on the sidelines. Adding your url to your signature is a great way to advertise your site. You should do this for every forum you regularly visit and participate in.

    However, before you start linking your url into your signature, or anywhere else for that matter, you should check the forum rules of each forum you visit. If the rules allow such linking to other sites then capitalize on this.
    Since people will become be curious enough to figure out what you have on your links, then you should make sure that you make high quality posts. Putting in quality posts will make more people want to learn more about you and check out any link you might have posted. You can say that at this point you are building your rapport and trust with other potential people to sign up on your forum.

    Of all people, you should be the first one to understand how difficult it can be to set things up, so avoid spamming. You won't be bringing in new sign ups if you keep posting silly one liners or a single 'lol!' as a response to another's more sensible thoughts.

    Online Tools for Promoting a Community

    Other than posting and flagging your posts on other message boards there are other online resources you can tap to promote your site. One option is to join topsites you might know or have heard of. Another option is to affiliate with other forums so you won't have to work things out on your own.

    You can place links on your blog and ask friends to do so likewise. You can also join web rings, submit your url to as many search engines you can think of, and submit links to online directories.

    Old Fashioned but Effective Way at Promoting a Community

    Promoting your site by word of mouth may still become your most effective tool yet. You start by asking people you know to sign up and make posts on your site and pass the word along. Since you've already established a good relationship of trust with your initial clients then that trust will carry over to others to whom they will recommend your site. Promoting a community will entail a lot of hard work. Those who roll up their sleeves and do the tough work will reap the benefits of site promotion in the long run.

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    old fashion way

    Do you think promoting forum the old fashion way - through business cards and the like would work?

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    4 freaking year old thread and you reply?


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