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Thread: Promoting a Non-Technical Forum?

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    Promoting a Non-Technical Forum?

    I currently run a swimming related forum, One thing that I've had trouble with is promoting it to swimmers, since swimmers aren't generally the type of audience that is tech savvy. I've had some luck spamming advertising on Yahoo Answers and Facebook, but other than that it hasn't been much of a success.

    Since this forum is a dead forum (it had a few posts a day a while back), I'm going to at least try to reach out to existing members by sending a newsletter of a swimming related article at least once a week. This will keep people informed of my forum.

    Promoting offline is pretty much out of the picture, since I like to keep my online life online, and my offline life offline. Any suggestions for reaching this audience?
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    I would contact swim clubs, school swim teams, etc. that have web sites and tell them you're starting a forum and ask them to 1) link to it and 2) tell their swimmers about it. Visit other swim related forums and offer to make posters their with reputations moderators on your forum. Many times they will start spending time over on your forums and bring friends with them.

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    Can't you try to get a link exchange or some promotion from:
    Wisconsin Swimming, Inc.
    Or contact them and make an offer to do a promotional article for their site where their swimmers could discuss with other people around the world:
    Welcome to the Frontpage
    If this guy is friendly enough, he might want to help you out too: (he probably knows people in the field too )
    Rob Aquatics Masters Swimming Blog
    You could do one of the things above for this site to:
    Camp Chikopi | The World's Very First Competitive Swimming Camp

    Hope it gives you some ideas!
    |Nico Lawsons

  4. I used to swim in high school and let me tell you I loved it, I would of had enjoyed finding an online community back then when I practiced swimming. Since you have already given up on promoting offline, your only other option is both ON-PAGE & OFF-PAGE SEO.

    - Revise all of your current posts & titles and make sure they are grammatically correct
    - Make sure your internal link structure is solid
    - Submit your forum site to as many directories as possible
    - Create a Facebook Page & Twitter Account
    - Try find a sports related forum and asking for link exchange on there
    - Try find a health related forum and asking for link exchange on there (aqua therapy)
    - Comment on Swimming related blogs

    I hope this helps!

    Much Thanks,


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