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Thread: Question on Bad English speakers

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    Hi guys,

    I have a couple of members who are blatantly just on there for the links. They do give good posts... but they cannot speak English very well at all.

    It is embarrassing reading their posts. What would you do? Delete them for bad English lol. Just doesn't seem fair.

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    I wouldn't delete them myself, most of them are not native speakers of English so yes, the English won't be that good. Providing it is understandable though, I don't mind it assuming they have a valid excuse for poor English.

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    Usually just ask for clarification is my way of doing it.

    However, in my rules for many of my forums, I usually state my rules that the users must be English speaking. That at least declares that the user will pay attention to their English when they join the forum.

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    On our forum we have members from china, norway, canada, india, greece, belguim, etc, so we have a lot who are not english speaking as their first languauge if we cant make a post out or its a little hard to understan we just ask them to explain it a bit better, we dont delete content unless its to the extreme where even we cant understand it

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    I wouldn't do anything. :/

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    I actually have a few members that have poor english grammar and spelling. However they do contribute, so I don't really do much about it.

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