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Thread: Question for those who have forums...

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    RE: Question for those who have forums...

    I put a link in my signature, even if I joined the forum cause I wanted to and not just to advertise.

  2. Since I own more than one forum, I usually put the most relevant forum in my signature.

    Sometimes I don't though, because I don't want to be seen as competing against the forum I am posting to.
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    i put the link in my signature on most forums i am on

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    If it's a forum in the same niche where I have some reputation, I might add it. As some sort of invitation for other users, but not forcing them to sign up

    Mostly it's just the 'coolest' project I'm working on on that moment though (or a link from a signature advertiser )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cedric View Post
    Always put an image if allowed.

    And in case an image is not allowed, the user the avatar( it might not be a link, but is a direct advertising method for branding the name of your forum/site)


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    I always add a text link, so long as it is allowed. If not, I simply make use of the Home Page URL field.

    As for those who do not utilize the signature space to advertise their forum, I suppose it is either because they do not care, or because they do not need to.
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    Sure, especially on related forums
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