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    How many reports do you have to deal with every week

    I'd say we have to deal with one or two. Not many in truth.

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    Hardly any really, but that's more due to things sadly being sorted out by people, when I'm not around.

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    I don't really have to deal reports on forum I own. But forums I moderate before, I have to deal with lots of reports. It was madness.

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    None, but i see loads of rule breaks.

    No-one ever reports them though, so i have to go trauling.

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    I have only gotten 1 reported post ever, but I see see some rules breaking, some posts not being in the right section, etc.

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    We get quite a few a day on FP. It varies but sometimes we can get 10+ a day. Usually we get 5 or so a day.

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    I don't get that many at all. Most of the time, I'm the first one to find anyone that is breaking the forum rules.

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    Hardly any but that will probably change once i gain more members

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    Not many at all. Maybe once a month.

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