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    Is it very important for you that your site has a good reputation ? Or don't you care that because of some of your actions or that of your team your site reputation decreases and at some point people speak bad of your site because of some actions made by you or your staff.

    I personally care alot of reputation, it shows you listen to people who are not member on your site, you care for there opinion, you don't do things you know will turn out to give a bad effect. Even if your action does bring your site success but makes a few suffer I would not do it. Either all members pleased or close to that before we undertake an action I would say. But in some cases people have to adept like if we switch style.

    What do you think ?

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    I agree that this option is important, but I've been to a forum where reputation system is abused heavily. members give reputation to members not because of the posts but merely because they are friends and stuff. reputation system is actually a good option to keep encouraging members to make quality posts, but when it has come to that state, I wonder if it really is that useful.

    but to think about it again, everything returns to the members themselves.

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    lol I don't mean giving reputaiton but the Reputation of your site, what people find of it and say on other sites, of your website.

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    yes I feel that reputation is a very important factor in a site... I mean look at CF. It has a good reputation the only thingit needs more of are DEDICATED Members! I was once working on a site (As an admin) where the owner lied to me and copied copyrighted information and texts... then I also found out he Had got an illegal copy of the forum software in question... NOTE: He did get caught by the sofftware owners and has since been prosicuted... I was not involoved as I played no part in that opertion due to personal problems (THANK GOD I LEFT in time) so yea that site didnt have a good rep at alll And then got reported etc... and eventualy was closed by autorities... SO YES A good reputation is KEY to a site.once you have sunk in the reputation sector it is VERY VERY hard to get out of it... But it can be done... eventually!

    NO NAME is or will be mentioned of the site in question! CF IS NO WAY connected to the site in question!

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    @master: oh my, I must not read it careful enough. sorry about that. ^^"

    as everyone would say, I think, reputation is very important. it can take years to build it but seconds to destroy it. I think if your site has a great reputation, members will come by themselves. now building is always the hard part. ^^"

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    I think a site's reputation is very important. Just having a nice community like CF makes people want to refer others to the site.

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    Truly, the staff matter for the reputation of a forum.

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    I agree! You don't want to risk the forums reputation and want it known as a great place to visit thats friendly yet knowledgable!

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    Reputation for me will mean a lot for me and my blog as we will be getting a lot of bots and currently a few important people visiting. For my forum it will matter as we want members to come back and get addicted.

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