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Thread: Ridiculous Rules

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    "You may not have advertisements in your signatures" - Ultimate Guitar Archives

    "You may only advertise ONCE on the boards" - Axing (and you can't double post, or bump... waste if your topic dies...)

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    I have seen some weird rules before. And most of the time when someone has the don't post in old topics rules, it just means that they just want you to make fresh topics, instead of ones that might be out of date by so much time, or just generally old, and the people might not be around to reply back to that old thread.

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    Most people know how to act on a forum, but the more rules their are the more people get annoyed with them and break them. Relaxed forums are always best.

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    "posts word count over X"

    A reply is sometimes more meaningful with just one or two words. Take 'fuck off'

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    LOL. The rules of mine are always the sameish, dont flame, be abusive e.c.t

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    I've joined a couple forums that had some stupid rules, like some where you dont even know what there actually saying, like they dont know english, or they really need to learn how to type.

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    Well different forums require different rules depending on what type of community they want.

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    For me, if a forum has really strict rules, I just don't go to that forum. So most forums I go to don't have ridiculous rules.

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    [quote name='Jonathan' date='06 April 2010 - 05:54 AM' timestamp='1270497270' post='12974']

    "posts word count over X"

    A reply is sometimes more meaningful with just one or two words. Take 'fuck off'


    I have seen that before as well. I found it dumb, yet I did stick to it all the same!

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    Never crossed any, but some people must make some right stupid one ups.

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