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Thread: Ridiculous Rules

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    What are some ridiculous rules you've come across on sites?

    I've seen "don't be a homo even if you are one" on one site's rules wth O-o

    Also, on another site, you're not allowed to post in a topic if it's been inactive for 3 months+ even if it's high up on the main page of the particular board it's do people expect activity if they don't let you post in topics that are already there?

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    The homo rule is just stupid, you can tell kids run that site.

    As for the 3 month rule, I agree as well. Don't see why you should stop people bumping up really old topics.

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    I don't even have rules in my forum.

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    Lol, I haven't seen any weird rules, I think.. I know some people just do some crazy things =P But it's just to reenact fun into forums. A lot of the forums don't have that anymore..

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    'don postt if yah gawna yous proprr spellinz oR grammrs, thtzz fur newbiess'

    Just to translate that, dont post if your going to use proper spelling or grammar, that is for noobs.

    Also on a debate forum I saw, 'Please do not use the use to share your opinion on our topics'

    Don't know where they got that from.

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    What the hell does that even mean.. Please do not use the use to share.. wha?

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    To best honest, I hardly ever read rules.

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    I try to read them incase they have something important or something differnt from the basic forum rules such as no prn ect.

    I have not seen any ridiculous rules yet, but those from above were all very funny.

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    I had a good laugh when I read a rule saying no meatspinning or rick rolling people.

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    I have a Very Good set of elegant Rule..

    In One forum I saw the following Rule

    1-Donot misuse the Hostility of Admins...LOL

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