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Thread: Which sections should I add? (student forum)

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    Which sections should I add? (student forum)

    Hello everyone.

    I own and I am looking to have the main site a forum, with a blog attached for additional content and articles. I have my vBulletin License ready to go - but I'm not really sure about which sections I should create. Here at NB we have 'Building, Managing, Business, etc.' but what would be appropriate for a student forum?

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

    • Fun Things To Do On Campus
    • School Rules
    • School Sports
    • Class Reviews
    • The Study Room
    • Dating
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    Travel can be a good section with sub forums of

    Spring Break
    Summer Travel Abroad
    Study Abroad

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    Classes and Exams/Studying, Party Life, Dating, Mental/Physical Health, Jobs/Internships/Careers, Sports, Clubs, Technology, Finances/Financial Aid/Scholarships, Social Life, maybe a special section for freshmen...

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    You add something related to old your school fellows who have passed out form there.because this will be the good chance for them to remind their old memories.

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