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Thread: Seeing others flame each other

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    Does this put you off or do you just choose to ignore it and post on the forum as normal?

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    I like to reply with such things as "haha that made me laugh etc.."

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    I'll warn both of them, but the worst thing you can do is side with one of them. Close the topic as well and remind them joining a forum is not a right - it's a privilege.

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    Tend to read....and then move on.......some issues get very emotional........they lose sight of the value of discussion and degrade into an "argument"...

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    if it was my site I would deal with it, if it was another site I would report it

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    Depending on how serious it is, I can get annoyed, and if its my forum or a forum im staff on id tell them to stop.

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    If I feel like i'm part of the community then yes, otherwise, no.

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    But it destroys the community though, so I really find that peacemaking is necessary now that I think about it.

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