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Thread: Selecting Moderators

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    Selecting Moderators

    How do you usually select your Moderation team? I usually if possible try to pick out people that I know really well or have known for a long time to start out on my forum and then I recruit worthy people later on down the road.

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    Re: Selecting Moderators

    If I need a moderator, I will PM a respected and dedicated member and ask them if they would like a promotion. A refreshingly unique and fun community. Everyone is welcome!

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    Re: Selecting Moderators

    1. They have to have good Grammar.

    2. Their are no warnings on their account.

    3. They respect everyone and show it to everyone. They don't start any fights, and know when to end a Thread so it doesn't Spam etc.

    4. They will be sent a VIA Private Message.

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    Re: Selecting Moderators

    They have to have some experience when moderating a forum, like knowing where basic things are and how to do basic things like deleting topics, merging topics when necessary, etc. So they should have some experience in moderating a forum overall, and they should try to be as active as possible. I don't mean being on 24/7, but even just giving some time of their day (any time) is good.

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    Re: Selecting Moderators

    I pick them out of post count, how active they are and how long they've been around or how long I've known them.

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    Re: Selecting Moderators

    I pick my moderators out of a collection of people I know or have seen around on forums for quite some time. I always choose a moderator with prior experience, though I understand everyone has to start somewhere.

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    Re: Selecting Moderators

    I see their activeness, posting and behaviour

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    Re: Selecting Moderators

    I've always wanted the community to choose the moderators since they deal with that member in question more than forum staff would.

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