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    Well, I've always liked helping people and such so I decided to make a forum for giving advice and talking about your personal life in general. Well, my question is how should I go about advertising such a topic. I've never seen a forum with the same concept. I want to accumulate a close/active/small/friendly community. I post on many forums with a lot of immature members and I especially don't want them coming over and ruining things for me. So yeah... Just need a little help forming a community. I can do the rest.

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    Best thing to start with is getting members ready to join and also making it age restrictive and instead of open registration have it be invite only

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    Yeah an age restriction might be a good idea, it would also have to be a pretty ''closed'' forum as such.

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    make thing password protected

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    Maybe go on some teenage forums or something and advertise there?

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    I ran a teen advice forum. The best thing to do is go onto other teen advice sites, sig it and post advice there

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