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Thread: Should admin have an opinion?

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    Should admin have an opinion?

    I dont think this is me,but the thought did cross my mind, but when trying to get joins to a small forum do you tend to sit back or do you try to direct the type of poster that you want immediately?

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    Re: Should admin have an opinion?

    Not sure I understand what you mean. The admin should be the most active poster and generally, as long as the posting doesn't break your forum rules, then accept anybody. Try to encourage proper language though.

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    Re: Should admin have an opinion?

    I agree with Sir tom. The admin should be the one that is active in posting.

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    Re: Should admin have an opinion?

    I am also confused by the meaning of the question.

    but if it's indeed what Tom meant, I think at the beginning the admin must be the most active poster in the poster. that is, to show that he is serious about building his forum and trying to get attention of people. but over time, as the forum grow bigger, the admin shouldn't have to be the most active poster anymore, since I think it is time to give that chance to other members. ^__^

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    Re: Should admin have an opinion?

    At the beginning, the admin should be the primary poster. It'll help with activity and whatnot. Once the forums get popular and whatnot, then the admin can just sit back and make sure things are running smoothly on the forums.

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    Re: Should admin have an opinion?

    yes sorry, because this is a hypothetical question I did not articulate it well.

    At the start you may only have one or two posting members, if they bounce off each other but you don't agree with them, what would you do? risk upsetting them and have no-one?

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    Re: Should admin have an opinion?

    My thoughts are as followed... if I was running a site, and could not get along with two fellow admins.. that are under me.. then I would talk with them and discuss the matter, or simply tell them they can't help anymore because their not helping the site in anyway to help it better itself. Fighting amongst admins is a no no, and it's counter productive to a goal you should have from the start... a well rounded bunch of individuals, who one can speak their mind all they want, but need to keep it a cool level, and keep it professional, otherwise you don't need them and should seek elsewhere for someone to replace them.

    Always remember it's your site not theirs... eventhough it may seem harsh at first but it's facts .

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    Not on the day to day operations of the community. Let the staff run the site. The admin should remain in the background keeping everything on the backend humming along. Things run better that way. The last thing you want to do is one up the rest of the staff.

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    An admin should always have an opinion but so should members, if a member wants something the admin will think then will give his opinion, the way I work round it.

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