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    Simple Machines Forum

    Anyone have experience using this program?

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    No but would be interested in how you go. Give us areport after you have played with it a bit.

  3. Yes, I have used SMF on a couple of projects. Its good for a free forum, but you get what you pay for. If you need help, do not expect a lot of quality help in the support forum. Some of my questions went weeks without an answer.

    SMF has a lot of modifications for it, but some of them can be a pain to install.

    The permissions can be confusing.

    But overall, it serves its purpose. And its pretty secure.

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    I've used it. I found it difficult to customize the themes due to the mix of PHP code and template code.

    Now I switched to MyBB which rocks IMO It is more up to date with plugin support and cool admin area.

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    Now I switched to MyBB which rocks IMO It is more up to date with plugin support and cool admin area.
    Yeah, I agree with you. I also suggest MyBB. MyBB is the free alternative for Vbulletin. Its look, features etc are 80% like Vbulletin.

    I used it for 2 forums and it did a great job for me. And later if you want to switch to Vbulletin it can done very smoothly. I've done the MyBB to Vbulletin conversion (using Impex) and it was very smooth.

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    If you want SMF support, is better than the actual support forums for getting questions answered.

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    I manage few boards with SMF for over 4 years.

    I must admit it is the best and fully configurable board around.

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    Considering it is free, it is very good a script .... highly recommended alternative to the paid VBulletin

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    It's a good script all around and better than PHPBB in my experience with it. I played with it before jumping to vBulletin which was about 4 years ago. The admin interface was pretty neat installing mods and such.
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